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Education and Training


According the annual work plan, CULROC conduct various workshops and seminars for leaders and employees for raising the professional leadership and staff. Since 1998, there have been more than 20,000 participants in the said workshops and seminars, and more than 4,000 participants in the CULROC leaders workshop, Overseas study tour and employees workshops (such as study on law relevance, insurance businesses, documents computerization, finance products and business management, etc.) since 2002.
-Chapters -
  Chapters make training programs of the next year according on the business and necessary from primary credit unions, such as seminars for leaders, the computer operation learning and study on law relevance, customer service skill and social activities for employees of primary credit unions in order to supplement the shortness of programs run by CULROC.
-Primary credit unions -
  According the bylaws, member should participate the education and training program; the board of the credit unions decides the methods of the programs such as perennial training program, celebration event and study tour for introducing credit union movement to members in connection with members’ daily life to have members involved.